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Locust Creek in the mist

What's Here?

Adult education, fiber arts techniques, desktop Linux, Pocahontas County, WV, and the natural and cultural history of Appalachia--I have some resources here. For the latest information fragments, see my Weblog, Pocahontas County Fare.

A Guide to Pocahontas County

Pocahontas County is a fascinating place. I've started assembling some resources to give you a picture of the history, people, flora, and fauna. If you know of something I should add, let me know!

Spice Ridge Fiber Arts

At Fiber Arts Resources and Projects I have some reviews of favorite knitting books, and some information about recent projects. I'm plan to expand these pages to include spinning and sewing resources, and personal projects. At present, you can see some of these projects in the archives at my weblog.

Rebecca's Pages

Education Resources

I have particular interests in Linux and Open Source software, in reading (on many topics), and in writing. At one time I taught a GED class in Pocahontas County, and since 2006 I've taught a college level "General Chemistry" course. Perhaps something here will pique your interest.